PRODUCT QUESTION:  Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we do! There is an extra charge and is based on the total price of the product you purchase. Here's the breakdowns-but Costs can vary depending your location: Up to $80 is $10 to ship, $80-$125 is $30 to ship, $125-$200 is $75 to ship, $200-$400 is $99 to ship, $400 and over is $135

PRODUCT: F-150  I have a 2021 Ford F-150, 3.5L V6 Ecoboost, 4X4, Super Crew cab, 5.5 ft bed. Does this fit in my truck? If so, what is the installation like?"

Yes it will fit your truck. The installation is very simple. There are four mounting points on the seat brackets that you will install speed nuts on to. Then It’s just a matter of bolting it into those brackets. Takes about 15-30 minutes. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Earl

PRODUCT: LONG BOX  Your site reflects the CrewMax long box under seat storage is listed for 2014-2021 but the viedo says its for 2014 to 2018. I have a 2020. Is this an issue?

The site information is correct and the CrewMax does fit the 2014-2021. We made the video in 2017 and plan to remake a new video with the update.

PRODUCT: TUNDRA STORAGES When installing the new seat rails, the video does not show the "pushbutton start" wire connection for models that have that option. It seems that the long box might be a problem with that connection as I know it takes up about a 2x2 inch space under there. Do you know if that is going to be an issue?"

The pushbutton start was not introduced until 2020. We had to re-design the plastic storage and the three compartment metal storage to accommodate for that option. The long box did not have to be modified due to the supplied brackets allowing the box to sit above that. You're good to go with the models that have the push button start.

PRODUCT-STORAGE:  I want to buy your product and live in Texas. Is there a dealer locally to the Houston area?

You can contact Offroad Alliance in Conroe or Fred Haas Toyota in Spring are our Houston area dealers and they will install the storage for you!

PRODUCT: TUNDRA LONG BOX  I want to purchase the Tundra Storage. Do you have have a dealer in Tucson Arizona?

We do not have a dealer in Tuscon. Closest would be down in Phoenix at Earnhardt Toyota. Call if you plan to purchase a storage unit and I will do some research.Thanks! Earl

PRODUCT: F150 STORAGE: Will the under seat storage unit for a 2017 F150 work with the super cab model ?

Yes it will, however it will stick out about an inch past the seat bottom.

PRODUCT: TUNDRA STORAGE Is it true there is a different process for cutting out the bottoms of a push start Tundra? I have a 2021 Tundra with push/remote start

Not really. There is an area that you need to be careful due to a wire and sensor, but the template shows you where that is.

PRODUCT: LONG BOX Do you do installation of the long box under seat storage for a Tundra

Yea we do! They run 125 to install

PRODUCT: P3 MOUNTING PLATE  Does the P3 Mounting Kit come with a Back Plate

A seperate backplate is not needed. The provided screws mounts to the back of the panel. NOTE: This is the metal plate and screws only & doesn't include the Dash Panel

PRODUCT: TUNDRA LONG BOX STORAGE  I currently have the plastic underseat storage in my 2019 Crewmax and plan on upgrading to the long box metal storage.  Will I be able to transition to the Long Box without any major problems.

Hi Russell, Yes you can upgrade. You most certainly can upgrade. Once you do though, you can't go backwards, lol. You will only have to cut out more foam to get it to fit. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Earl

PRODUCT: Toyota Tundra CrewMax Long Box Under Seat Storage for 2014-2021 MESSAGE: I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra TRD crew cab. I’m not thinking this will work. But maybe it will. I did a product search and this came up. If not, do you have a metal alternative."

Hi Dave, Unfortunately this will not work with your seat configuration. Due to the fact that your rear seat does not fold up, there is no way to make it work under the seat. We do not have an alternative either, however we do offer center console safes. If you don't see your model and make console in our product list, we can get it for you.

Thank you, Earl

PRODUCT:  Toyota Tundra Double Cab Locking Under Seat Storage for 2007-2021 SKU: USSTNDDC-01 MESSAGE:  Hi, I am interested in this storage box. Do you guys have a showroom to be able to see the products in person?"

Yes we are at 1663 Industrial Ave unit B Norco, Ca 92860

PRODUCT: P2 Brake Controller:  This kit appears to be a good way to mount a P2 brake controller. does the unit clip into the new dash trim piece? I would like to be able to easily remove the controller when not pulling a trailer and would need to access the plug on the back of the controller

This kit is a permanent install. They can be removed but it’s not as simple as just waiting it out.

PRODUCT: Tundra Long Box MESSAGE: I won one of these Long Boxes in a raffle recently. I have a dynamat style sound deadening on the floor. Will this interfere with installation?

Hi Brad, No it won’t interfere at all. In fact we see a lot of people do that as they are installing.

PRODUCT:  P3 Brake Controller Mounting Plate for Tundra 2007-2013, Sequoia 2008-2020 SKU: TP3PLT-7 MESSAGE:  Can you send me a pdf of the installation instructions? I'd like to confirm that I can do the work. Thanks much, Dave"

The item in question is the faceplate for Sequoia -P3 tekonsha brake controller.


PRODUCT: Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller  Hello. I'm buying a Tekonsha P3 for my 2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5. Would your brake controller mounting kit work for me?

It would go in the dash under the stereo, between the power ports in Heath at open area.

Give me a call at (951) 858-3418 and I will get one set up. The other thing you have to do is extend the wire harnesses 6-8” but that’s not hard to do. We have them in Stock

PRODUCT: LONG BOX  I wanted to ask if the crewmax long box under seat storage comes with a 4 combo.  Does the storage box come with a 4 combo option

No it does not. We could not use the combo lock due to the height of the lock body. It would interfere with the seat.

PRODUCT: LONG BOX PLASTIC VS METAL  I was just wondering if the template for the plastic under seat storage is the same as the aluminum one in the event that I'd like to upgrade to that one later?

Hi Shane, It’s not exactly the same. You will have to take a bit more carpet and foam out to do the metal, but doable. Once you have the metal one in though, you can’t go back to the plastic.

PRODUCT: TUNDRA LONG BOX  Can the locks all be opened with the same key? Will an AR fit in the space?

If your AR fits in the existing storage, it will fit in ours. Yes you get four keys that are the same that will open both locks.

PRODUCT: GMC CANYON UNDER SEAT STORAGE  Hi. I'm inquiring about the under seat locking storage for the GMC Canyon (2015-present). Just one question, what are the internal dimensions?"

44x14x7 are the dims.

ALL PRODUCTS: Is this product made in USA

Yes right here in Southern California

PRODUCT: TUNDRA PLASTIC STORAGE Hi there, just curious about this item. I live in SoCal. Would I be able to get some help with installation for this?"

Kim Yes we can install just let us know when you would like it done. We charge $65 Thank you for inquiring! Earl Pike 951-858-3418 text or call anytime

PRODUCT: TUNDRA STORAGE  Are the seat bottoms self supporting when down and the storage bin removed? Or does the seat just flop down to the floor?

The seats might stay up on their own until someone sat on them. But they do need something under them that will to support any weight on them. This is why he had to remove the brace or platform before installing the box. I hope this helps you.

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