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**I have a 2021 Ford F-150, 3.5L V6 Ecoboost, 4X4, Super Crew cab, 5.5 ft bed. Does this fit in my truck? If so, what is the installation like?

Yes it will fit your truck. The installation is very simple. There are four mounting points on the seat brackets that you will install speed nuts on to. Then It’s just a matter of bolting it into those brackets. Takes about 15-30 minutes. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Earl

**Your site reflects the CrewMax long box under seat storage is listed for 2014-2021 but the viedo says its for 2014 to 2018. I have a 2020. Is this an issue?

The site information is correct and the CrewMax does fit the 2014-2021. We made the video in 2017 and plan to remake a new video with the update.

**When installing the new seat rails, the video does not show the "pushbutton start" wire connection for models that have that option. It seems that the long box might be a problem with that connection as I know it takes up about a 2x2 inch space under there. Do you know if that is going to be an issue?

The pushbutton start was not introduced until 2020. We had to re-design the plastic storage and the three compartment metal storage to accommodate for that option. The long box did not have to be modified due to the supplied brackets allowing the box to sit above that. You're good to go with the models that have the push button start.

**Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we do! There is an extra charge and is based on the total price of the product you purchase. Here's the breakdowns-but Costs can vary depending your location: Up to $80 Spent, Cost-$10**$80-$125 Spent, Cost-$30 **$125-$200 Spent, Cost-$75 **$200-$400 Spent-Cost is $99, $400 and over is $135

**I want to buy your product and live in Texas. Is there a dealer locally to the Houston area?

You can contact Offroad Alliance in Conroe or Fred Haas Toyota in Spring are our Houston area dealers and they will install the storage for you!

**I want to purchase the Tundra Storage. Do you have have a dealer in Tucson Arizona?

We do not have a dealer in Tuscon. Closest would be down in Phoenix at Earnhardt Toyota. Call if you plan to purchase a storage unit and I will do some research.Thanks! Earl

**Will the under seat storage unit for a 2017 F150 work with the super cab model ?

Yes it will, however it will stick out about an inch past the seat bottom.

**Is it true there is a different process for cutting out the bottoms of a push start Tundra? I have a 2021 Tundra with push/remote start

Not really. There is an area that you need to be careful due to a wire and sensor, but the template shows you where that is.

**Do you do installation of the long box under seat storage for a Tundra

Yea we do! They run 125 to install

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